Hoora Hoori Sadler

Mrs. Sadler, PACI’s Founding Chair, is currently the CEO of the Sadler Medical Group, Inc. in Beverly Hills, Ca, where she works with her husband, Charles Sadler MD, and her son, Steven Sadler, MD, whose specialty is interventional pain management. As a result of her negative experiences as both a cancer researcher and a cancer survivor, Mrs. Sadler founded PACI as a service organization to enable the Persian-American community to reduce the impact of cancer today and eliminate the threat of cancer tomorrow. PACI was created as both a service organization for the Persian-American minority and as a prototype to enable other minorities to advance their own cancer health care needs.

Mrs. Sadler maintains a hectic schedule of public and media appearances to educate people on the vital need for both prevention and early detection. She also provides personal emotional and motivational support for the many cancer patients and survivors who contact her on a daily basis. Mrs. Sadler also serves the UMMA Clinic (providing free medical care to poverty-stricken South Central Los Angeles) as the Chair of their Friends of UMMA fundraising group. She has served as an Auxiliary Chair for the International College of Surgeons and as a member of the Core Research Group of the U.C.L.A. School of Public Health’s Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Project. Mrs. Sadler has received the UCLA certificate in Protecting Human Research Subjects in Social and Behavioral Research.

Mrs. Sadler has received many recognitions of and honors for her public health efforts, including commendations from both the cities of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. In 2010 Mrs. Sadler/PACI received the Women in Action Award from the Israel Cancer Research Fund.