Donate to PACI and Mariam’s Gift

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50% of the proceeds from the night will go to PACI and

the remaining 50% will go to 2 charities under Mariam’s Gift

Donate to PACI and Mariam's Gift

About PACI

The Persian American Institute (PACI) aims to increase the awareness and participation of Persian-Americans in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer. PACI’s vision is:

  • To educate and support a community that traditionally lacks vital knowledge on cancer

  • To provide the Persian-American community with access to cancer detection and treatment

  • To inspire other communities to emulate the PACI mission

About Mariam’s Gift

A scholarship to an underprivileged female student to study abroad through UC Berkeley. Here’s a link with more info

Optimist Youth Center to help at risk youth resettle into society. Here’s a link to their website

Donate to PACI and Mariam's Gift