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Join us for a night of laughter where diversity stands in the face of adversity! Maz Jobrani will be joined by Chris D'Elia, Max Amini, Tehran, Cristela Alonzo, Ian Edwards and Bryan Callen to raise funds for a great cause!



PACI strives to heal not only the debilitating cancer, but also the fragile heart and human spirit that weaken during such a traumatic process. With the support and endorsement of some of the best known cancer institutes, and the recruitment of community leaders, artists, activists, survivors and their families, our organization is determined to make a difference. We will reduce the impact of cancer in the Persian- American community and in the world beyond

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Cancer Research

Persian-American Cancer Institute (PACI) is dedicated to offer effective support to cancer patients. We mobilize bone marrow tissue collection drives to help patients in need of a match, organize cancer screening events for public, offer personal and emotional support for patients and their families (both in English and Persian), give medical and doctors referral and many more.