Marjan Ashtari

Chief Coordinating Officer


Marjan Ashtari is volunteering her time as the project manager at PACI where she is in charge of all the events from start to finish. Her first project with PACI was the annual fashion show which was hosted by UCLA Iranian Student Group (ISG) in January 2019.

Prior to moving to LA in 2017, she was a production supervisor at Iranian TV Channel called ManotoTV with the responsibility of managing a team of 50+ staff doing the various tasks. Marjan has an extensive experience such as producing 1000 episodes of the daily show as well as managing the whole 2 seasons of the talent show which is so similar to "American Idol". 

she moved from Shiraz to London 15 years ago to pursue her education. She has a

Bachelors of pure mathematics and Master of Bioinformatics from Brunel University, London. 

Although her educational background is not directly related to a career in ManotoTV, she proved herself extremely capable and driven to move up the ladder from TV presenter at the conception of the network to the highest management position at the time of her departure. 

Proven herself as extremely versatile and component, she will be a great addition to PACI organization in coming future.