Mahtab Moayedi


Mahtab Moayedi, CPA resides in Brentwood with her husband and two boys.  She has received her bachelor degree in Accounting from California State University of Long Beach (“CSULB”) in 1991, and received a Master’s degree in Business Taxation from University of Southern California (“USC”) in 2001.

Mrs. Moayedi is a seasoned Management Executive with over 20 years of professional experience in leading and executing accounting, financial consulting and audit projects for a number of Fortune 1000 companies in insurance, financial, and service industries. Mrs. Moayedi began her career working for Ernst & Young LLP (“E&Y”) in the insurance practice performing audits and tax consulting.

Mrs. Moayedi had her own consulting practice for many years before joining Zenith Insurance Company as Vice President (“VP”) of Internal Controls & Audit.  The last position she held was the Chief Operating Officer (“CFO”) at Familia Dental, a closely held entity with more than 600 employees.

Since April 2014, she is investing her time and experience in raising her children and being involved at their school.  She has served as the treasurer for the “Canyon Charter Booster Club”, and has been involved in variety of financial projects at the school.

As a breast cancer survivor, she believes in striving to live a healthy, compassionate and vibrant life with a goal of advocating for both prevention and early detection of breast cancer.