Mahdi Rafati


Mahdi Rafati was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. He obtained his A.S. in Civil Engineering from Sharif University of Technology but decided to move to the US and start another Bachelor in Computer Science. He’s currently majoring in Computer Science at UCLA.

In September 2010, Mahdi started working for Baz Baran charity as his first volunteer experience, and was working there for over 4 years. After moving to United States and working as Senior Website Developer for The Web Corner Inc., he continued his journey with volunteering for different non-profit organizations such as Child Foundation, KCIS and Farhang Foundation and PACI.

He joined the Iranian Student Group at UCLA in June 2017 & became the President of the group the next year. Mahdi along with Marjan & Parsia was the project manager for PACI’s annual fashion show which was hosted by ISG (Iranian Student Group) in Ackerman grand ballroom at UCLA.