Marrow Registry

Millions of patients with leukemia and other life-threatening diseases are in need of a match for their bone marrow. You have the power of saving their lives. You can give a quick and fast test by saliva so the type of your bone marrow can be identified.

Where to Register for marrow registry?

Each country has their own bone marrow registry database. Find yours and register to be tested and become a donor to help ANYONE in need worldwide.

Img Map Germany


Knochenmarkspenderzentrale Dusseldorf +49(211)811-9145
DKMS Deutsche Knockenmarkspenderdatei +49(7071)943-152

Img Map Israel


Hadassah Medical Organization +972(2)643-4035 +972(2)677-7513

Img Map Netherland


Europdonor Foundation +31(0)71 568-5325

Img Map Norway


The Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Registry +47(23)07-3770

Img Map Sweden


The Tobias Registry of Swedish Bone Marrow Donors +46(8)746-8020

PACI Youth

PACI Youth started with a birthday party.

On April 2008, Mitra Yazdi and Roz Samimi got together with a group of friends to celebrate their 15th & 13th birthdays. In lieu of gifts, they decided to ask for donations to the Persian American Cancer Institute. Through generous donations of friends and family $1250 was raised. Mr. Bijan Pakzad, world renowned designer, heard of their generous gift and donated an additional $5000 to PACI.

Mrs. Sadler, the founder of PACI, with her husband Dr. Sadler, drove up to Northern California to personally thank them for their kind act. Since, the N. Cal Youth group hosted a fundraiser in Fresno for Naseem, a 16 year old with Leukemia, and participated in walks and events trying to bring awareness to the community.

PACI encourages all, young and old to take initiative within their own capacity and join us in our life transforming journey.

Support Groups

Free Persian Support Group for Cancer Patients & Survivors

Participants will learn:

  • Meditation basics and using meditation to self soothe and manage the stress of dealing with difficulties
  • How to change our habitual relationship with illness and pain
  • How adjust the unhealthy mental and emotional reactivity to our body
  • How to alter the stories we tell ourselves that are not helpful or pleasant
  • How to be present with what is happening in the present moment
BH Yoga Flyer - PACI