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PACI Music GroupIt all started by making a commercial or PSA (Public Service Announcement) for cancer awareness. We were struggling to come up with a script that was not to serious and morbid. We thought, we don’t really want to do what others do and start throwing numbers and statistics at people; it’s already been done!

What better way to promote a message than with song and music. That’s where it all started; creating something that we would all be proud of, bringing new and old; tears and smiles and most important of all asking a group of Iranian singers to get together and sing together on one project and appear in a music video side by side, holding hands, one voice ; Stand Up 2 Cancer!

It took a lot of sleepless nights and hour and hours of scheduling and then rescheduling! But it all fell into place in the end and     everything worked like clockworks.

Raha Etemadi wrote the lyrics, Babak Amini composed and arranged the music and Gobi Rahimi agreed to direct the music video and it all happened at Rusk Sound Studios.

Erfan wrote his own lyrics for his rap performance which came from the heart and offered comfort to those suffering from Cancer and their loved ones.

With the dedication and selfless cooperation of over 13 singers we shot the music video in 13 hours on Monday September 29, 2008.

It was amazing, so much energy under one roof, everyone arriving early and eager to help in any way they could to make this project reality. Over 15 people in the video production crew worked round the clock and a lot of behind the scenes support from the PACI volunteers and friends. Special thanks to Frank of Pastina Trattoria who fed us two lovely meals during the shoot and we are ever so grateful to him.

The video is currently being edited and will be released for broadcast to all Iranian satellite channels around the world; simultaneously. There will be appearances and interviews on various television shows and we will try to notify everyone via our blog and website.

None of this would have been possible without the support of Mrs Sadler and Dr Sadler who believed in my vision from day one when I presented them with the proposal. I am grateful to them for letting me manage this project and make a dream come true and take a step forward for PACI.

In the hope that we will be able to touch one person, even just one person suffering from consequences of cancer, by this song, and bring awareness as well as hope to our community.

Please click on download music and listen to the song, or download. This is free and send it to as many people as you like. Don’t forget to leave your comments so we know what you think of the song.

After months of preparation and anticipation, the music video for the PACI track was shot on Monday September 29th.  Once post production is complete, the music video will be simultaneously released to all Iranian media internationally. It will also be available on PACI's dedicated channel on Youtube as well as PACI website. This project took over two months to complete and includes an extensive line up of people including the lyricist and composer as well as talented vocalists together with the brilliant production team and a lot of help from volunteers.

It all started last year when suggestions of making a commercial for cancer awareness were discussed amongst the PACI Board.

How better to spread the word andPACI Music Video Group the message of awareness but with song and music.

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Raha Etemadi presented us with his beautiful lyrics, inspired by meeting Mrs. Sadler and PACI’s mission to bring cancer awareness to the Iranian community. We commissioned Babak Amini, a gifted composer and arranger to work on the melody and arrangement of this track. Erfan wrote his own lyrics for his rap portion, coming from the heart offering comfort to those suffering from Cancer and their loved ones. After numerous meetings and sessions at the recording studio, we decided on the final lineup of vocalists to perform and record the track. No song would be complete without a music video, so we approached one of the most experienced production crews in town, Static Free Films; music video led and directed by Gobi Rahimi.

The 12 hour shoot started at 11am and the whole day went like clockwork. Thanks to a great team working in harmony and coming together to overcome every obstacle in order to make the project a success. The star studded line up of voice talents in order of appearance in the music video/track are:

Andy & Shani
Black Cats

Babak Amini; Guitar
Camille Amassier, Percussion
Homayoun Khosravi, Cello
Hovaness Byuran, bass Guitar