PACI Activities

Persian-American Cancer Institute (PACI) is dedicated to offer effective support to cancer patients.  We mobilize bone marrow tissue collection drives to help patients in need of a match, organize cancer screening events for public, offer personal and emotional support for patients and their families (both in English and Persian), give medical and doctors referral and many more.

Our patients' testimonials are what motivate us to continue our work and grow. They all describe their experience with PACI as hopeful and fruitful.  We strive to make a difference in the patients' lives.

Our activities in a nutshell:

  • One on one personal support: English/Persian
  • 24 hour help-line
  • Physician referrals
  • Hospice support and advice
  • Insurance guidance related to cancer
  • Community support/fundraising
  • Educational seminars

PACI is always looking for committed and positive volunteers. If you are interested in becoming part of the PACI family and join us in helping our community, please contact us.  PACI is also dependant on the financial contributions of its supporters. Our work would not be possible without your help.
While we are very thankful to our supporters, we encourage others to help us achieve our dream of saving patients from cancer.

Event Sponsorship and Participation

PACI is a non-political, non-discriminatory, and non-denominational and is required by its mission to participate in community affairs.  As a result, PACI will from time to time sponsor or otherwise participate in events that appear to PACI to comply with law and to be consistent with consistent with community standards. Such events may be inherently or inadvertently political or denominational.

PACI's sponsorship of or other participation in any event is limited to PACI's actual participation (for example, bone marrow registration or provision of a speaker from PACI on an issue related to PACI's mission).

Under no circumstances does  PACI sponsor any event unless that sponsorship is specifically acknowledged on the PACI website. PACI does not endorse the content of any event, despite any sponsorship or other participation by PACI.