Parsis' Story

parsis-story "My name is Parsis and I’m 2 ½ years old. I love my maman and baba very much, because they kiss me all the time and say I’m their Persian Princess. I hate it when I go to get blood…my mommy says it is good for me; but it hurts"
The nurse always puts a pretty pink band-aid on me. Daddy says the nice doctors will do magic and make me good and healthy and I will grow up to be a strong girl; I like hearing this...

All the nurses and the doctors are nice to me, sometimes they give me a balloon.”

Parsis, our Persian Princess, has to go to the hospital every 28 days to take blood transfusion…She has to spend almost a full day and have many tests done on her. However, there is one way to save her and that is through Bone Marrow Transplant.

Our Every Breath Is Our Little Girl’s Breath