Firuz Story


On July 17th, 2010 I took a trip to the emergency room, thinking I only had a bad case of flu. Shortly after arrival I was informed of the presence of a large mass in my chest. Upon further tests and examinations doctors diagnosed me with stage 4 Lymphoma.

My world came crashing down, but a helpful angel came to my help. Somehow Mrs. Hoori Sadler, The founder of the Persian American Cancer Institute, had got wind of my condition, and that was the very first time I learnt about PACI. From there on I had the full support of Mrs. Sadler and the Institute, which made things a whole lot easier. I was referred and introduced to some amazing doctors and oncologists such as Dr. Sepehr Rokhsar, my primary oncologist, and underwent a stem-cell transplant. Now I’m living cancer-free. Thanks to PACI and specifically Mrs. Hoori Sadler and Dr. Charles Sadler, who not only helped me professionally, but they were my emotional support as well. Mrs. Sadler accompanied my to some of my important doctor appointments and constantly visited me at the hospital.

I know she wished she could do this for everyone, but there are too many people getting diagnosed with cancer everyday and she can not carry this enormous weight all on her own. She has sacrificed her own life to help out people like me, and now its time for other folks like you and I to help out and keep the movement going. Through PACI numerous Iranians and non-Iranians have been matched with donors for a stem-cell transplant and have gotten a second chance in life. Let’s enable PACI to help more people.