Tymaz Story in His Mother's Words

Tymaz_storyWith the help and support of so many great human beings such as you, Tymaz found an unrelated bone marrow donor and went through transplant on Dec 16th.

I am not sure what words to use to show our happiness and gratitude toward all of you great people who supported us and who will support so many other patients in need in the future. It is very hard to thank everyone, but without your support this remarkable success story would not have been possible. From the beginning, so many wonderful people such as Mrs. Sadler called me and said, “I promise I will not rest until we find a donor for Tymaz.” We are thanking every one from bottoms of our hearts. We have one request, though: do not stop the great jobs you’re all doing! By raising awareness and becoming a bone marrow donor, you give someone their life back and give them the chance to feel hope and happiness in life once again. This is the most beautiful feeling that any one can experience in life. I got so many calls from people saying they wanted to become a match and have this great experience in their life. Tymaz went through a rough time during the bone marrow transplant but all his needs were met and we all just kept our eye on the light at the end of the tunnel.

During this experience, we got to know so many great friends and people that supported us that we never met before and maybe never will meet in the future. People actually got together, especially the Iranian community. By becoming so active and experienced, when we all come together as a community, we can accomplish wonderful amazing things. What a beautiful feeling it is, to help each other. Because of your support and kindness, my Tymaz is doing so well, he is out of the hospital, and already playing soccer, his passion in life. When we went for Tymaz's check up at the clinic and his doctor heard that Tymaz has played soccer a few times now, he said, “In all the years that I have spent in bone marrow transplant, I have never seen or heard that someone can actually be this active after only 45 days of transplant!” I told him this is not his first time when we had day passes about 10 days ago and he started playing for two hours. The doctor said, “I don't know what to say. I am amazed."

Thank you all for helping to give this chance again to my son, and please do not stop talking about becoming donors internationally as there are lots of other young boys like Tymaz waiting for donors, and unfortunately there will likely be more in the future. Please continue to help increase awareness, especially among the Iranian registry everywhere, as we desperately need it, and you never know who might be the next victim family of leukemia.