Parvaneh Story

Parvaneh_Final-01My name is Parvaneh and I am a proud member of PACI. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2007 and quickly felt like my world was falling apart.  It’s hard hearing news like this and to not feel like your loosing yourself, those you love, and everything you know. Not too soon after, I was introduced to PACI and Mrs. Sadler; both things gave me indescribable hope. It was the people of PACI who provided me with the love, support and most importantly foundation to rebuild strength and the persistence to fight my breast cancer.  They helped me believe that I was more than my cancer, that it did not consume me and change who I was. They let me cry, held me, and provided me with countless hours of laughter when I felt like I could never laugh again. The amazing women and men of PACI became more than acquaintances, more than friends, they became family. A support system that not only understood what I was going through, but was also there to hold my hand through it all. I was blessed and lucky to fight my breast cancer and come on the other side stronger than ever. It was with the love of PACI that I made it through and it is my love for PACI that I want to do the same for others.